PN is a luxury brand based in London that creates a new conscious yet glamorous genderless-wardrobe represented with modern two piece suits. PAULANADAL is a flamboyant cocktail for the arts and the artists, with a refreshing Mediterranean sight that represents freedom and joy.



PAULANADAL is presenting two seasons a year called the Main Collection, within this collections 30% of the designs are made Upcycling fabrics making the production a more limited and sometimes one-of-a-kind products, the rest of the collection is made from natural materials where 90% are produced in England. 

PAULANADAL is designed and manufactured in Central London. 

"We create positive fashion in all the aspects. We take very seriously our impact in the society, environmental side and psychological as well. We create luxurious and fashionable clothes that enhance attitude and personality, one for the design and two for the way of making that is being each garment."


The design studio is led by Paula Nadal De Eusebio, a Catalan creative that has built her career redefining the concept of luxury through artisanal design.





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