Available form June 10th 2021 

PAULANADAL and Rubina Vita Marchiori came together with the concept to recreate unique pieces made

entirely from crochet, however, this is not the classic crochet that we all know, this is so much more! 

The main concept was to rework traditional home-wear pieces, most of them one off and vintage crochet. These antique pieces, all hand made, are a proof of the love, passion and dedication traditionally gifted to the family and the loved ones, passing generations through generation. Sadly this is a craft that is slowly disappearing yet we wished to keep it eternally. So, THE CROCHET CAPSULE was created, this collection is a celebration of each of these designs giving them a second life by creating a contemporary wardrobe that is timeless and purely unique!


This will be a 100% hand made capsule where we have up-cycled the 90% of the materials. 


Next 17th of May we will be sending via email the first ever secret preview with a pre-order option, then, do not forget to subscribe bellow! 


We are thrilled to announce this fantastic collaboration at PAULANADAL and we can not wait to see you wearing

these pieces that are part of history and culture!