The new Rosie Jacket is the long version of all our jackets, this one has a relaxed fitted on the waist supported for a big sized shoulder pads. The Rose Jacket is perfect for our everyday lifestyle as well our office uniform.


This products is made using recycled materials. We have upcycled fabrics that felt out of use for another company, and we took it in order to rework it and turn it into a high quality product. The production of this garment is very limited as we are working with the latest meters of this fabric!


  • 100% Upcyled mixed cotton 
  • Dark Grey colour
  • Lining 100% Upcylced polyester
  • Dry clean only 
  • Our buttons are plastic-free, full covered and hand made in London.


Bespoke made in London, England


For sizing, policy enquiry or made to meadure services write to us at:


Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for receipt of this piece as it is made to order. 


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