A Workshop for Peace is an event where we will create a community representing freedom, love and peace, we will see reflected the intense global yearning for a future without violence, corruption and war. 


REMOTE TIE DYE MASTERCLASS/ face to face video call 1:30 hours 

We are living an uncertain period and we are currently facing the fact that most of us, we will have to remain at home, we will have to get creative and build this new daily routine to balance our professional and personal life. 

For this PAULANADAL is offering this new concept workshop made from our studio to your home! If you are looking to relax, disconnect, create and have fun, this is the place! 


We are providing everything you will need, then, do not worry and just joing us and let it flow!

Get your ticket today and we will contact you back to book the day and time that suits you the best.

If you want to do it together with a group of friends/family this is something we can make real, We can do a multiple class video call, it will be extra fun!



Skype workshop will take 1:30 hours

This is a workshop for beginners, no experience needed 

- We will deliver to you a PAULANADAL Tie Dye KIT with all the equipment that you will need for the class

- We will provide you with the instructions to prepare your table, equipment and materials ready for our class.

- I will give you a tour to the different techniques of customization to create your own pattern

- You will be given 2 PAULANADAL t-shirts (you choose the size), one for the tests and samples and another one for your final design. 

- You can choose if  you want them screen printed with our -peacemaker- motive or a plane one.

- After our class I will give you the instructions to clean and finish your garment by your own. 



TIE DYE is a great craft where you create without seeing the exact result of your design, it is awesome the feeling when you open your tie t-shirt and you discover the truth of your design, just amazing!  Create and enjoy!




This event is organised by the fashion designer PAULANADAL She launched this workshop series to create a strong community focused on being a peace maker for non violence in London, with PAULANADAL you will be part of a movement while we will learn and explore how to create our own art in fashion representing love and freedom for everyone.

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