Founded in 2018 PAULANADAL is creating a new ethical and luxurious wardrobe that enhances attitude and personality raising it with the glamour and elegance that characterise the art of dressing.


Two piece suits, versatile, timeless and sophisticated designs focused on craftsmanship and quality.

PAULANADAL tells a story where respect and freedom are one identity and it shares strength and

courage through the design.


The design studio is led by Paula Nadal De Eusebio, a Catalan creative and fashion designer that has built her career redefining the concept of luxury through artisanal design.

Paula is inspired by her Mediterranean origins, the arts and the artists, the muses and the history behind.


PAULANADAL is designed in Central London and manufactured in London and Barcelona.

" We create positive fashion in all the aspects, we take very serious our impact in the society, environmental side and psychological as well. We create luxurious and fashionable clothes that enhance attitude and personality, one for the design and two for the way of making that is being each garment.We want to express that style and respect goes together in one same direction and we are here to represent this."

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