PAULANADAL is a luxury brand based in London that creates a new conscious yet glamorous genderless-wardrobe represented with modern two piece suits. It is a flamboyant cocktail for the arts and the artists, with a refreshing Mediterranean sigh that represents freedom and joy.

PAULANADAL is offering a very distinctive way of shopping and consuming clothing, as we offer with each of the designs the possibility to have them made to measure, alongside alterations and repairs, ensuring that each product that is leaving the house is perfectly tailored to the customer and the product can maximise its life cycle with you.

The brand is divided between three lines, all of them following the same ethical values that the brand represents.


The MAIN COLLECTION is the most general one, where we work around one seasonal concept and we explore all the possibilities conceptually and relative to our products. 

The ARTISANAL LABEL is where we create one of a kind items exclusively for each of our customers, made to measure mainly, from the clients first idea of design to the final product.

THE STUDIO is the space where we will have a curated selection of vintage pieces and textiles reworked and rebranded, as well as pieces made from upcycled fabrics, it is here where we will experiment, exploring all the possibilities within the life cycle of unwanted clothing and textiles.

"We create positive fashion in all the aspects.

We take very seriously our impact in the society, environmental side and psychological as well. We create luxurious and fashionable clothes that enhance attitude and personality, one for the design and two for the way of making that is being each garment."


PAULANADAL is the flamboyant cocktail for the arts and the artists, it brings a unique looking wardrobe

exploring the new methods of creating conscious and ethical luxury design.

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