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PAULANADAL is a luxury brand based in London that creates a new conscious yet glamorous genderless-wardrobe represented with modern two piece suits. It is a flamboyant cocktail for the arts and the artists, with a refreshing Mediterranean sigh that represents freedom and joy.

Paula Nadal is the founder and creator of the label, born in Catalunya yet now established in London 
where she opened the doors to this fantastic world back in 2018.

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PAULANADAL-SS20-matlene jacket.jpg
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The brand is divided between lines, all of them following the same values that the brand represents.


The MAIN COLLECTION is the most general one, where we work around one seasonal concept and we explore all the possibilities conceptually and relative to our products.

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THE ARTISAN is where we create one of a kind items exclusively for each of our customers, made to measure, bridal and bespoke. We work together with our customers from the first idea of design to the final product.

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THE LOST TREASURES is the space where we have a curated selection of antique pieces found around the world, as well pieces made from upcycled materials. It is here where we will experiment, exploring all the possibilities within the life cycle of the lost treasures.

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THE ARTIST STUDIO is the space where you will find the pictorial art made by the artist and founder of the brand fulfilling to the extreme the PAULANADAL world.

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